Ski weekend

We have had a busy weekend of skiing. Sam had a couple ski mountaineering races and Paige has two Nordic races. Whew! Lots of driving for Scott and I this weekend! Here are a couple videos of our kids. We are so proud of how hard they worked!!! One more race for Paige tomorrow.

Here is Sam at one of the transitions in his long race today. He started out really well but had trouble with his skins and fell back. He was hoping to qualify for the world skimo championship in Switzerland but that didn’t happen today.

This is Paige’s first classic start. She had a great ski and qualified for the semifinals.

Have a great night!


My birthday {44}

I finally learned this year…to take the day off on my birthday! It was a great day. I read my book, Christmas shopped, went out for lunch and took a long ski. Everybody but Paige was gone on the night of my birthday so she and I ordered pizza and watched a movie.

Here’s to another year around the sun.