What do they do?

We all hate that word but there are jobs around the house that have to be done.  Like dishes, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, feeding the dog….well, I could go on and on forever. Chores are never-ending. Are your kids responsible for certain chores around your house?  How much responsibility do you give your 10 year old as opposed to your younger kids?  
Now that I am working more it is hard to find time to get it all done (and who am I kidding, I couldn’t find enough time in the day when I worked at home).  Plus, the kids are getting bigger and (in my opinion) can handle more responsibility.  
Our kids do help out around the house a bit.  They set and clear the table, empty the dishwasher, make beds, and fold dish towels and napkins, among other things.  
What do your kids do?  Do you have a chore chart or schedule?  Feel free to give me your ideas and suggestions. Thanks!
P.S. Don’t mention this to my kids.  They might go on strike 🙂  

4 thoughts on “What do they do?

  1. Oh, I can give you a list alright. Our kids and you know who they are had their list. I am just not sure if they ever read it! All kidding aside responsibility and consequence of choices are great character builders for all and you and that husband of yours are great examples of how it pays off. You guys have done great!!

  2. The girls help fold the laundry, recycle, and empty the dishwasher. I'm starting them on basic meals or at least getting some prep work done before I get home. They all dust, vacuum, and wipe down counters. We also do partner chores with Ian such as emptying the waste baskets and cleaning windows. We vary out lists week to week because they get bored.

  3. ooh, I'm gonna grab some ideas from you 🙂 We don't have a list, and luckily they've done when I ask for help. S loves to find matching socks when I fold launtry and both really help after meals cleaning away dishes. B helps empty trash. Not much, but a start. I wonder if a list makes it not fun. Maybe a jar they can choose from? I don't have the answer… miss you guys!

  4. Oh…obviously my kids are along the lines of your younger ones…but we've started doing weekly responsibilities like one person puts out placemats for the week, one sets out silverware, etc. And, they each have to clear their plate after dinner. They are also responsible for cleaning up any self-induced mess regarding food (droping crackers all over the floor = broom)I know it's small…but I think we'll build up once we feel like they're ready. When they complain about not walking their food to the counter we just remind them that if they all help clean up then mommy has more time to read bedtime stories, which is much more fun for everyone. That's been working so far.

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