The Business of Snow

So, most of you are now aware that we have uprooted our family from sunny, mostly warm Colorado Springs to the small, sunny, usually cold and snowy Frisco.  They are only two hours apart but the weather varies greatly.  This winter has been a bit different than past years.  We don’t (well, we didn’t) have much snow.  It started out with a bang in October, flurried pretty consistently through November and then stopped.  I do believe that we only had two days of the white stuff in December and no accumulation.  Two days ago I ran OUTSIDE in short sleeves.  It was just that warm.  Between you and me, I really am loving it. It seems like a gift from God to have a nice and easy (and warm) transition into this crazy new way of life that should be including feet of snow.  Okay, so I do realize that God probably doesn’t give a hoot if we do or do not get snow.  Maybe He got tired of hearing my no snow prayer over and over again.  I think that He really has bigger problems like disease and war, you know.  Anyway, I digress.  Thank you God!  (for all the bigger blessings of which I am greatly undeserving).
When you own an outdoor store that caters to backcountry skiing and touring, snow is helpful.  Pretty important actually.  Everyone in the county is walking around looking at the sky, wondering. Where is this elusive snow we speak of?  Sam’s basketball coach commented last night that in all the 20 years he has lived in Summit County, he has never seen the grass in January or something like that….
Today it is snowing. Really snowing.  Scott was so excited that he started shoveling at 7:15 am right outside our bedroom window.  I not so politely let him know that was a bit crazy.  He stopped.
Snow is great for business. You (mainly me) would think that people would stay home when it snows, indoors, all snugly and warm. Or….run to the ski hill mountain and make some turns on really honest to goodness snow. But no.  They flock to the store in need of skis, boots, gloves.  It is really cool and amazing how this phenomenon works.  Since we have had a handful a month full of warm sunny days, I will take this snowy one.  We might even get out and enjoy it.  We do have those new snowshoes.  Scott will be busy working and ringing customers out so I will say a little prayer that the snow sticks and that Scott gets to not only look out the window on this beautiful day but also may he get out and enjoy it too. Amen.

P.S. Hopefully beautiful snowy pictures to follow 🙂

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