Mason had his appointment with his doctor in Greeley yesterday and boy was it his lucky day. He now gets to wear his tennis shoes all day long. He is wearing his shoes and brace during naps and at bedtime and maybe a bit more. His precious little feet are now free to walk, move and wiggle! We knew that walking would happen quickly but he has wasted no time:) Off you go Mason!

One thought on “Freedom

  1. Yay for Mason!! I wore braces when I was a kid for a very long time. I never had to have surgery or casts, but I remember the experience of the braces, wearing them all day and all night. I feel for the little guy! It isn't fun.

    Hey, I love the dresses. Can I get the corduroy one in a size 4 or no? (the green one w/pink flowers) BTW-when in the world do you have time to make dresses to sell????

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