Enjoy It While You Can {Fall}

This year we are getting a very abbreviated fall season.  As the colors are changing so are the temps and as the leaves fall so does the snow.  Fall and winter seem to be competing for attention this year (kinda like winter and spring did a few short months ago).    Yesterday, it snowed on and off all day.  The heater was running and it felt very wintry around here.  Today, fall has made a comeback and the weather was gorgeous.  Cool, breezy, sunny, perfect. Sooo, here are some shots of the girls (and trees).  Boys tomorrow.

DSC_3572_edited-1 DSC_3574_edited-1 DSC_3576_edited-1 DSC_3578_edited-1 DSC_3579_edited-1 DSC_3588_edited-1


Happy Fawinter!


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