Homecoming {2018}

Last night, my two biggest headed off to Homecoming.  Man, we love having teenagers.  They are so fun!  It is so rad to see them not only getting bigger but growing up and making great (and sometimes not so great) choices.  We love who they are becoming!

Alice went with three of her best friends.  They got ready together, took pictures, made pizzas and drank Shirley Temples, went to the dance and now are at a sleepover.

Sam, of course, went with his girlfriend.  It is much a quieter process for a boy.  Basically his only job was to pick up the corsage and take a shower :). He met his date for pictures and then they had a potluck with a ton of their friends before heading to the dance.

Like I said, it was a great night.  Sounds like everyone had fun, stayed safe and made it home.  We are blessed.


After all the craziness of taking pictures 🙂 we met some friends at the closest brewery for an adult beverage!  Whew.

Today we are going to enjoy a quiet day…with some more remodeling thrown in!

Happy Sunday,





Home Remodel {day whatever}

Yep. We are still in shambles over here.

No kitchen.

Dining room table in the living room.

Washing dishes in the bathroom sink.

Looking forward to the final product.


Anyhoo, drywall repair happening now. Cabinets going up later this week. Tile floors going in next week. We are getting it done.

And we are still speaking.

Most of the time:)

My girls {13 and 15}


they’ll be best friends, I hope!

Right now, they love or hate each other.

Today we went out around the neighborhood and took some fall shots. The weather has been glorious and we are soaking it all up.  We know the snow is coming so every day that we get when its warm and sunny is a bonus!


Haven’t done a ton of editing but I thought they came out pretty good!  Love these girls 🙂


Another XC weekend.

This time we are all in Littleton for a high school race. Sam and Alice both raced so well! Sam had a 5k pr today with a time of 17:57 and Alice a pr at 20:34. So proud of these kids:)

Now we are off to pick out tile…not as much fun.

Happy Saturday!


Labor Day Weekend {kid style}

This has been a kid weekend. The girls are finishing up their run in Annie this weekend with three more shows. We also had a middle school cross country race in Leadville and a high school cross country race in Eagle County this morning. Scott and I divided and are conquering…he went to Vail and I to Leadville.

Paige finished third on her team and 14th overall. The girls team took 2nd place overall.

Mason ran his first XC race today and I cried. There is no getting around it, I balled like a baby! We are so proud of him for tackling this sport. We don’t ever want him to think he CAN’T do something but this was a big hurdle for him. He amazes us with his strength, literally and figuratively. He had been planning to play soccer and at the last minute decided to run XC. He didn’t finish last and he ran the entire race. Double bonus today:)

Tomorrow we have one more showing of Annie. Monday, Sam will be running a 1/2 marathon to accomplish a year long goal and Alice and I are going to dress shop for homecoming. Whew!

I think heading back to school on Tuesday is going to be the most relaxing part of our week! 🤪

Happy Weekend,


Family hike

We took a break from work and house projects to take a nice long family hike this morning. We got up early and headed out to get to the top of Eccles Pass. It’s an 11 mike hike, topping out at 11,900 ft. Super proud of my hikers. They hiked up like champs and ran/hiked down. Pictures are out of order, but you get the idea!

Happy Sunday!



Went on a short hike last night and this is what I saw…

Big toes!!!!


This guy’s name is Isak Heartstone and he was built by a Danish artist named Thomas Dambo.

He is pretty rad.


Hard to tell from the pictures but this guy is huge!

Once again, I love where I live.  I love that I can go out for a hike and see amazing organic artwork like this.  I love that I can be outside year round and find beauty and joy in every step (or ski!).

Go outside.



Back in July

We did a lot in July but packing and moving kinda took up most of our thoughts and time.  We sold our house in Frisco and moved over to Silverthorne.  We downsized our house (by 1/2) and moved into more of a locals neighborhood about 6 miles away.  While we loved living in Frisco, it is less touristy and quieter over here.  We are starting (soon!) a renovation on the house that includes new barn wood looking tile and an updated kitchen.

Just a quick recap of our month of fun:)

Here are some pics of Alice and I at the Frisco SUP triathlon.







We took a day trip to Colorado Springs to see my parents.  It was fun to catch up, hang out and visit Garden of the Gods.

The big kids took off on a mission trip to South Dakota.

My parents came up to see us and check out the new house.  We had a blast playing golf in Bob and Judie’s back yard.  A lot of laughs, for sure!

And more bike racing…always bike racing in the summer!

Phew. Now we are back to August:)

If you are wondering about my daily photos. Well…I was doing great until the move. I’m hoping to get back at it soon! I still try to take pictures everyday, just not following the daily prompt.

Happy summer.


Camping with Friends

This past weekend we took a break from unpacking to have a bit of down time.  We camped at Highland State Park in Fruita.  The weather was perfect for a lake weekend, hot, hot, hot!  The kids lived in their swim suits and got completely water-logged.  They really only took breaks to snack 🙂 We did sneak in a couple of mountain bike rides.  How could we not???  We tried to go early before it got too hot.  It was super fun and we had the trails to ourselves mostly!  The kids always love going with friends.  This was our last hurrah before the start of school.

The kids did take a short break to play a little Bocce ball.


I LOVE that my tent looks like a candy corn….:)


Sunset on the lake…gorgeous.

One of my favorite places and views, the Colorado river.

We are home now and getting back to unpacking. I’m back to work on Wednesday. Feels like summer is winding down…boohooo!