Little Bit of Everything

When we woke up this morning it was snowing.  SNOWING!!!!! A couple days ago it was 80 degrees.  The hammock is still on the deck for pete’s sake.  Actually, right now, it is quite pretty, big flakes blowing around.  Gotta love the fall in Colorado.  Alice had a volleyball game this morning at very early o’clock and Paige has a very chilly soccer game following the volleyball game.  Soccer and snowing does not sound like a good combination to me but I cannot say too much since I am not the chauffeur today. Not this morning anyway.
Last night we attended the annual school Sock Hop.  Fun was had by all.  Okay, who am I kidding, I stood back and watched the kids dance and have fun.  They all ate way too much junk and we left with a couple of sore tummies.  Alice was suppose to have a sleepover after the Sock Hop but only lasted an hour before her tummy ache set in.
The kids had their last cross country meet this week.  They had a great season and ran awesome. As Alice was coming into the finish line she was neck and neck with one of her team mates.  I most definitely was not screaming at her that she could pass that girl in her sleep.  Nope that was not me 🙂  Last weekend I took them to a local kid race and they tore it up!  Sam finished 6th in his race (9-11 year old boys and girls).
Alice’s scout friends held a little party for her yesterday.  More on that later…. They had fun playing games, eating not-so-healthy snacks and twirling their poodle skirts (see Sock Hop).
Scott spent the day in Summit County yesterday.  More on that later….I bet it is really snowing up there. Like the skiing/snowshoeing/puffy coat wearing kind of snowing.  Oh boy.
Thanks to everyone who noticed that Paige got a cute new hair cut.  She wanted her hair cut in a way that would allow everyone to see her earrings.  I call it her Julie Andrews hair.  Really she would look cute with a buzz cut.  She also has four very loose teeth.  Pretty soon we will be pureeing her food.
So here are some pics from this past week.  A bit random but so is my life!  There are no pictures of Mason this time.  He and the time-out chair have become really good friends.  Let’s just say, he is working on Momma’s patience level.

Happy Saturday!

One thought on “Little Bit of Everything

  1. I am so sympathizing with you on the 4 year old attitude. Both Abby & Winnie have just been total handfuls lately. And they always take turns – so ONE of them is always having a fit about anything – getting up and going to school, ice skating, ballet, you name it! Ugh.

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