And the calm…

We had a pretty quiet week. It was just what we needed.

This morning, we got to see what Mason has accomplished in jump rope club at school. It’s pretty amazing what he can do! They have been practicing every Friday morning before school.

We also had a middle school concert tonight. Paige was asked to help out with honors band. They were short percussionists so she was invited to play, with only two days notice to learn music. We are very proud of her!

Sam is in Grand Junction today and tomorrow for a high school track meet. He did PR his two mile run but wasn’t happy with the overall results. One more track meet this season.

Last night we attended Sam’s speech and debate team banquet. It was a fun night and Sam was awarded his varsity letter. He loves this team but may not be able to fit it in next year with skimo practices and races. He is learning to balance school and activities. It’s difficult sometimes;)

This girl (Alice) jumped right into preparing for Annie auditions. Here she is taking a moment before her voice lesson, not wanting her picture taken. 😜

Like I said, a calmer week! Ha!

Happy Friday night!


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