Sunday Hike {Spruce Creek Trail}

Don’t worry.  I know that it is not Sunday.  Just getting around to my photos.  Enjoy!

Our Sunday hike was especially awesome this week because we actually made it to our destination. Well….sort of.
We headed out with the hopes of making it first to Mayflower Lake, then up to Mohawk Lake.  We were also hoping to see Continental Falls.  We did see the falls but not up close 🙂
Well, after hiking 2.5 miles we arrived at Mayflower Lake.  It was so beautiful, right at the base of the bowl. We had fun exploring around the lake and hiking up into the bowl a bit.  Scott and I knew that it would take a while to hike back down so we decided that the falls and the upper lake would have to wait until next time.  Mason’s little legs get tired and we didn’t want to push it. We were super jazzed that we made it to the first lake.  We saw cool old mining cabins along the way and had fun jumping over streams and finding tree bridges.  The falls were gorgeous, even from afar and now we know that we have a new destination to look forward to 🙂  This bird below was stalking us, hoping that someone might drop a pretzel.  The kids named him Fluffy.  They, of course, knew exactly what type of bird Fluffy was but I don’t remember.

Today was my first day back to work after the summer break. I am going to be working a few hours every week in the Frisco store.  It was a good day and nobody called me mom all day long. It was a bit refreshing 🙂  I happily picked up my little cherubs from school and now we are back to homework and chores.  Happy Wednesday!  Off to make some dinner.  Black bean burritos are on the menu tonight!

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