Back to School

They keep doing this to me.
Getting bigger, older, smarter, cuter and definitely sassier.
They all went back to school this past week and left me at home alone.  Even Mason couldn’t be persuaded to stay at home another year. He trotted off to Kindergarten without so much as kiss or wave.  I guess that I should be excited that they all love school (or their friends) so much that they want to go back every fall.  Well, we ALL survived the first four days of school.
I have to admit that although I was really truly sad to see them off, I felt a tiny bit of freedom.  So, what would any good parents do with all this extra time?  We have kept busy, don’t worry 🙂  We have been mountain biking, running and enjoying a couple breakfasts out all by ourselves.  It does feel good and I am seeing a tiny bit of my old self emerging!  Soooo, since I haven’t blogged all week I have lots of pictures.  Aside from the first day of school pics, Sam got new glasses and looks very old and super cool.  We had a busy weekend with some coach training for me, our first weekend of soccer, a team BBQ, a super fun hike, sleepovers and father/son backpacking.  Whew.  And we lived to talk about it 🙂  Today the kids have the day off and only had to go to school for some testing.
Now we are just hanging out….breathing slowly before another busy week…….

Hiking pics tomorrow.  I took a lot and need to edit 🙂  
Hope you are having a great week!

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