3 Months Home and Scavenger Hunts

Well, we have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post about Mason. He has been home 3 months. We (especially Mason) are all thrilled that he has his last set of casts removed tomorrow and he will begin wearing the brace and shoes. We do realize that this new adventure probably will come with some if not more challenges than the casts. With that being said, we are so excited to move past this stage, put it behind us, and get moving on the next one. He and I will make that fun trip to Greeley in the morning! Check back tomorrow for pics of our guy sans plaster casting.


Yesterday, the kids were really in my hair and I was trying to get the house picked up for a visit from our social worker so I decided to send them out on a scavenger hunt. I gave each of them a brown lunch sack and wrote item to be found on the outside. They had to work together and couldn’t come back with their loot until everyone had completed the list. They had a ball and we ended up doing it again inside. We just turned the bag around and wrote a new list on the other side.

I love watching them working together and helping each other. Because Paige can’t read yet, it would not have been a lot of fun for her so Samuel and Alice kept reading her bag and making sure she had what she needed. I didn’t end up getting much done, mainly because I was watching in awe at them getting along and at how precious they were. These simple but fun games are their favorite and sometimes I forget that.

Many blessing,



These crazy kids are turning into fish.

If you can’t find us, we are probably at the pool. Here are some cute pictures, from yesterday and today, of the kids having a blast in the water. Samuel swam in his first swim meet this morning and did fantastic. Of course, I was bawling and attempting to take pictures. He swam the 25 freestyle.

Look at my muscles! Aren’t they huge!

Mason did a little dance when we told him that he gets to swim in 5 days!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Jennifer