These crazy kids are turning into fish.

If you can’t find us, we are probably at the pool. Here are some cute pictures, from yesterday and today, of the kids having a blast in the water. Samuel swam in his first swim meet this morning and did fantastic. Of course, I was bawling and attempting to take pictures. He swam the 25 freestyle.

Look at my muscles! Aren’t they huge!

Mason did a little dance when we told him that he gets to swim in 5 days!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Jennifer

One thought on “Fish

  1. Who is that masked man in the first picture? I looks a little like the blue headed guy in the second picture! Who could that be? Could it be SAM? I am not sure I recognize anyone but Mason! There is a girl fish eyes in one picture that reminds me of Alice. Am I right? The girl with all the muscles looks a lot like Pagie, but I don't think her arms are that big! Is it Paige? Looks like a good time to me. Way to go Sam and congrats to you all!!


    Papa G

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