Happy Day

HEY! Who left the door open?

Today was a fun day. As always, we started out our day at the pool with swim team practice. After practice, we ran a couple errands; toy store, library, home. Once we had completed our errands, we headed back to the pool for a dip. I had thought we might stay for an hour or two but we ended up staying all day, not arriving home until 4:00 pm. Sam and Alice spent most of their time jumping off the diving board or riding the slide. Paige and Mason spent the majority of their time grazing on snacks and splashing around in the little pool.
After dinner, Scott took the three older kiddos to the skate park. The pictures he took were hilarious.
Enjoy the pics, there is something for everyone! Have a great short week! Looking forward to the 4th of July!

2 thoughts on “Happy Day

  1. Hey, how do you like your strider/glider (the pedalless bike) 🙂 ? Family in Germany loves them, and Simon's getting a hang of it fast. Really cute!

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