Kid Free Vacation {Day 4 and 5}

Okay, so it seems that all my reading, napping and relaxing does not amount to much content when it comes to blogging.  I am super busy doing nothing, in case you are interested.  Yesterday (day 4, in case you were keeping track), was a pretty quiet day.  The weather was beautiful and warm.  I found a park bench under a shady redwood with my name on it.  Me, myself and a new book took advantage and spent a long time just hanging out.  When Scott arrived back from his training we hopped in the car for a short drive over to Santa Cruz.  We had a nice stroll down the pier and then an even nicer dinner at a local seafood restaurant.  I did cheat on my plant based diet with some very delicious sea scallops. Scott behaved.  Just between you and me, it was kind of annoying.

While strolling down the pier we heard some sea lions talking. Do sea lions talk?  I need to have Sam look that up.  We look over the railing and saw about 5 or 6 of them laying on a platform under the pier. It was really cool.  Sorry for the low picture quality as it was right at dusk.

Today, in a effort to check out a bit more of my surrounding, I headed southwest toward the mountains.  I wanted to check out a county park that sounded interesting. The drive was amazing.  The trees were hanging over the road and at some points I couldn’t even see the sky.  Awesome.  I found the park, which was closed for winter or something, but I didn’t mind because the pretty drive had been so worth it.  It reminded me a bit of Costa Rica, so lush and green.  Maybe I am just used to the arid mountain desert in which we live.   I headed back down the mountain, got a late lunch and read some more. I adapt easily, for sure.  
Here’s to day 6!

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