Got It Goin’ On

Busy. Busy. Busy. Weekend.

We started out our weekend on Friday with a movie night at the neighbors.
Saturday morning we got up really early and drove 2 hours to get here.

Another swim meet.  Eat my bubbles…….
After the swim meet and lunch we hung out in Denver for the day and then in honor of Father’s Day we went here.

Denver Rockies vs. Detroit Tigers. 
 One of us was cheering for the Tigers.  five of us were cheering for the Rockies. 
Rockies win 5-4.  Go Rockies!
Sunday morning five of us went to church and one of us went for a bike ride.  After lunch we headed here.

Of course, the pool.  My mom met us there for dinner and the kids (Scott included) had fun swimming and getting really  dirty in the sandbox. 
Happy Father’s Day, Scott!
From the five of us.

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