Preschool, soccer, bike riding….busy week at the Wescott house!

This week we were all really busy. Paige started preschool on Tuesday. She will be attending two times a week. Please, don’t ask me what I will do with all my time! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that this week. Three hours, twice a week. Just enough time to volunteer in Sam and Alice’s classrooms, grocery shop, clean the house, laundry, errands, etc. etc. Let’s just say, I haven’t enjoyed any bon bons yet! However, on the first day, I did keep looking in my rear view mirror with the feeling that something was missing. Oh yeah! My three kids. Then I had to ask myself, why am I still listening to kid songs? I digress.

Anyway, she loves it and her teachers. I can’t believe my baby started school. That went way too fast!

My nephew, E, showing me his scary tiger before school starts. He goes to the same school on the same days as Paige.
Okay, on to Wednesday. Alice had her first soccer game. Her team name is the Cyber Rays. The Cyber Rays??? What exactly is a cyber ray?. Not sure. What I do know is she is an adorable one with her neon green/yellow shirt hanging down over her knees. Please don’t get me going on the color of the shirt. No kidding, I am pretty sure it glows in the dark. Don’t look at it too long, your eyes might burn. Go Alice, Go! 5 year old soccer is so much fun to watch!

Thursday. It seemed like a pretty okay day until I got a flat tire. I was on my way to a meeting/dinner with friends. Good thing it was right in front of Chef’s Catalog. Just another excuse to shop. Thanks to Scott and the kids for coming and changing my tire and pretty quickly sending me off on my way.

In the middle of all this mayhem, Sam started karate in the evenings and Scott was home sick. Wow! On to next week. In all our free time, LOL, the kids have been practicing riding their bikes. As mentioned in an earlier blog, Sam started riding his two wheeler, sans training wheels. The minute Alice got her training wheels off, Sam decided he could ride his bike. Amazing how that works! Paige has now inherited Alice’s pink “big girl” bike with training wheels and a basket. She is very excited to give her tricycle to Baby Stella. I have a video of Sam riding his bike for the first time, but I am having trouble posting. Stay tuned.

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