This weekend we had such nice family time. Between kid activities, work, school, etc. we don’t find ourselves all home at the same time very often during the week. On the weekend, it is so nice to just spend time together as a family.
Friday night, we rented movies, ordered Chinese food and just hung out!
On Saturday morning, very early and before half of my family was out of bed, I went to the Chef Catalog Warehouse sale with my friend Victoria and some of her neighbors. We waited in line for about an hour until the sale opened. Wow! These ladies (and some men) were vicious. They were filling their carts so fast. I couldn’t even concentrate on what was on sale because I kept checking out what everyone else was picking up! Easy on the caffeine people! I finally elbowed my way to the pots and pans section to see what I could find. I ended up with 3 new stainless steel pans that were a great deal! I also managed to find 8 matching cloth napkins for a dollar a piece. Mom~ you would love it, look for the next sale in April! We enjoyed the latter half of the day at a picnic for our neighborhood babysitting co-op. The kids had a ton of fun playing with their classmates and neighbor friends. This group of families is wonderful and I am not sure what I would do without them.
Today we are trying to get our house in order for company. Scott’s parents are visiting this Thursday and we hope to have all our projects (aka messes) completed (picked up) by then. The kids are really excited and keep asking if tomorrow will be Thursday.
Have a great week.
Sam and Alice have their first cross country meet on Tuesday. Now that should be very amusing and great fun for all 🙂 They have loved their practices but come home exhausted! This makes for a very easy bedtime.

Let’s see how many kids we can get on top of that car!

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