So far

Well, once again, I have left you on the edge of your seats, awaiting my running update.  Hahahahhha!  Yesterday afternoon, I somehow talked my running partner into going 15 miles with me.  She was a bit reluctant as she isn’t really training for anything but my marathon. Bless her heart, she trudged along with me for 15 miles up and over many big hills.  At one point (about 7 miles out), we looked at each other and realized we were still going away from our houses and losing elevation at a rapid rate.  Basically, we were going to turn around and go uphill all the way home.  I love, love, love living so close to the mountains except when I am out for a marathon training run.  No matter what, running from the house means that I finish on an uphill, a big one.  A great workout and a real butt killer after a long run.  Soooo, we did it.  My feet hurt and I am moving a bit slower than usual, but I did it.  I went past my 13 mile wall and didn’t die.  Seriously, the thought of it made me scared for my life.  Now….I have to conquer 18 or so. Let’s not think about that right now. Also, I think that may have been the last training run that Kristin runs with me for a while.

Back to the grind tomorrow but just a short 5 miles.  It’s amazing how manageable 5 miles seems once you have run 15.  And to think Scott ran 100.  Sheesh.  That is so ridiculous.
Have a great Monday. 

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