Like a chicken with my head cut off…..

I have been away from this blog for an entire week.  I know, I know.  You want the pictures.  Well, you got it.

We have all been running.  Literally running.  I got in two long runs this weekend.  Saturday I ran 12.8 miles early with Kristin and then Sunday, Scott and I ran about 10 (he ran more, I didn’t) together. I am hitting this half-marathon wall.  I gotta get over it even if that means I hoist myself up and fall over on the other side. I gotta get there.  Summer~ any running thoughts?!?!?! 

Sam, Alice and Paige had their first cross country meet today.  All three ran really well.  Sam finished 9th overall and Alice and Paige were really close to finishing in the top 10.  What can I say…they take after their dad 🙂  Mason and I raced (no, really we did) back and forth between the start and finish to catch everybody.  It is such a blast to see them out there having fun and getting exercise as well.  After the meet, we took Sam to soccer practice where I proceeded to do the daddy hand-off.  Down one child, the rest of us headed home to scarf down some mac n’ cheese and tuna n’ peas and finish up homework.  Finally, all children are sleeping soundly.  Who said this parenting thing got easier?!?!?!?

Now I am going to run to my bed (no, really, I am). 
Enjoy the pics of my adorable running machines.

Alice and friends goofing off before race
Paige waiting for her race to start
Posing for the the awards picture. 
Can you read that?!?!?!?!  Class of 2023!?!?!?!?

One thought on “Like a chicken with my head cut off…..

  1. Oh I know your pain! We are in the thick of it now though! Hang in there…we're almost done. 🙂 Your hubby probably has the best advice of anyone. I'll just say I know you can do it! Surround yourself with lots of positive people and remind yourself..I did NOT get up at 4:50am on Saturdays for the past 9 months to NOT do this!!

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