She may be little but….

Alice is definitely  MIGHTY!!!!

Alice is playing on the 5th grade basketball team and she loves it.  She is probably the smallest girl on her team but she is really good.   Of course, no bias here:)  She hustle the entire game and although she hasn’t scored any points yet, she works so hard.  We are super proud of her.  Scott snapped some shots of her at the last game.  She was pretty bummed that her team lost but she had tons of fun anyway.  Go Frisco!!!!





DSC_0442_edited-1Happy Tuesday!  Guess what?

It’s snowing.

Have a great day friends.


3 thoughts on “She may be little but….

  1. Way to go Alice!! Looks like you are a great defender and ball handler. Kate is finishing her basketball season this weekend. She has enjoyed playing, but tends to leave the games with a lot of bumps and bruises. Good Luck!!
    Lv Aunt Tracy

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