Extreme Green Makeover

Yesterday, the kids and I headed off to church for the better part of the day for a seminar that was titled Extreme Green Makeover. Since I am on the Green Committee at church, I thought that it would be great to get some more ideas for how we can make our church and the community around us more environmentally friendly. The presenter was Rebekah Simon-Peter. She was a wonderful presenter and gave so much knowledge. It was also my New Year’s Resolution (which I usually never do) to make our home and personal life a “greener”, less wasteful place. Here are some of the easy ideas that we have done to eliminate many bags of trash per week…

-Reusable grocery bags, plastic bags blow!

-making a weekly load to the recycling center with plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, Styrofoam

-changing out all light bulbs

-started using environmentally safe cleaning products and detergent. (I still use Clorox wipes! with kids they are a must)

-stopped using most paper products. We now use cloth napkins for meals and old washcloths for spills and cleaning. I still have paper towels in the kitchen, again, with kids they are a must.

There is still lots of things that I would like to change around here and I am by no means great at this but I feel like if I sort of work on my little part of the world it makes it a better place for my kids.

After we left church, I felt like I owed it the kids to give them a bit of park time.

We ended up staying at the park until dinner. What a day! Here are some pics of the kids having a blast playing together. After dinner and a good scrubbing in the tub, they all crashed out in bed.

Have a great day!


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