Weekend Fun

We had another great weekend. Scott ran at Waldo Canyon yesterday morning and then we went to the zoo. In the afternoon, Jesse (our dog) got out of the house and we spent the better part of the day looking for her. She gets so excited when she gets out of the house that we have a really hard time getting her to come back. She usually stays pretty close but won’t actually come to us. It drives us crazy!!!
Today, I got up and went for a run on Barr Trail with one of my running buddies, Kim. I am training for a race up to Barr Camp, the halfway point on Pike’s Peak, and then back down again. It ends up being about 14 miles. I made it home just in time to change and get to church. This afternoon, we had a neighborhood ice-cream social in our driveway. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t really cooperating so we ended up all in the garage. The kids didn’t mind the rain, they all played in the yard. We have a great neighborhood and get together a few times a year for socials.

Tonight while we were eating dinner, we were talking about how the kids behaved when they were younger. We were telling Alice that she used to scream every time we went to a restaurant. Here is our cute conversation:

Scott: Alice, do you know what we used to call you?

Alice: Yeah! Screamalicious!!!

Scott: Actually, we called you SIREN but that is a pretty good guess!

If you know Alice, you can definitely describe her with any word ending in -licious!

The kids are really excited to start VBS tomorrow, especially Paige. She knows that she has to be a big girl to attend and she is thrilled about that!
Have a funalicious week!

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