Breckenridge Fun!

Well, we are finally home from our week at Breckenridge. I know that the grandparents were having blog withdrawals while we were gone so I decided I had better get blogging. If you weren’t aware, I took the kids to Breckenridge for the week and Scott met us on Friday for the weekend. Thanks Mom and Dad for the condo, we really enjoyed it. The days would have been really long without the indoor, outdoor pools! Paige really enjoyed the little hot pools (hot tubs). She thought that they were made just for her. Had we stayed one more day, Sam and Alice might have turned into fish. Lucky for us, the room that we had was a stone’s throw from the pool, playground, restaurant and grills. Here is a quick summary of our adventures in Breckenridge. I know that you are wondering what I did with three kids for a week. We actually stayed very busy….
Monday– Happy arrival. After listening to VBS songs and “Are we there yet?” for the entire ride, I was more than ready to bolt from the car. We pretty much relaxed for the day. The kids were so excited to see cable that they didn’t care to leave the room.
Tuesday– We walked downtown, played at the fun toy store and had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. After a quick nap in the afternoon, we hit the pool.
Wednesday– The weather was beautiful so we drove to Dillon and walked part of the trail around the lake, checked out the boats at the marina and went to the playground by the amphitheater.
Thursday– Every time we are in Breck, we hope to hit our wallets…oops, I mean the children’s museum. I decided this was the perfect occasion so we arrived when they opened and stayed for 2 hours. A little pricey but definitely worth it! We had a quick lunch downtown and then headed back to the pool.
Friday– Can you believe it? We have made it this far! The kids are still happy and I haven’t flung myself off the balcony yet! Nevertheless, we are still grateful to see Scott arrive. A new face, a refreshed parent to take the helm. Yeah!!
Saturday– Scott made an early morning run to Daylight Donuts for sausage rolls and you guessed it, donuts. We went to the pool for the entire morning. At noon, we dragged the kids out of the water. We walked downtown for lunch. A bike race was just finishing so there was tons going on around town. We stopped for a bit to watch a bike trial demo. Very cool! After a quick rest/nap, we headed to Mi Casa to celebrate Alice’s birthday.
Sunday– A full day of hiking, fishing and stone throwing. The pictures tell it all! We headed for home after a nutritious lunch at Wendy’s. Lucky for me, the kids all slept and I drove home in silence.

Enjoy the pictures, I am still trying to figure out this slide show thing. It is a bit fuzzy and the pictures are out of order. If you have any advice, please let me know!
Have a great week.

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