This morning was a bit cooler so we made our way up to Blogett Open Space to hike around. We knew that we wouldn’t make it to the peak, partly due the ominous black clouds peaking over the mountains and the three sets of little legs moving up the trail, so we just set out, unsure of how far or where we might end up. Usually the kids are pretty excited for hiking but today they all woke up a bit moody so our hike started out rough. The whine. Once we made our way further into the hike and under the shade of the pines, their moods seemed to brighten. Whew!

I had a funny realization as I was snapping away pictures this morning. I was taking a picture of the view out over Colorado Springs and Alice said “Mommy, why are you taking a picture, I don’t see anything beautiful?”. realized that for her, Colorado is just the place she lives. Not until she is older, will she understand the beauty of our natural surroundings. When Scott and I moved here we made a promise to each other that we would not take these views for granted. I do not believe that we ever have. The nature all around us gives us peace.

After making it back down to the car, we decided to skip lunch at home and head to our favorite restaurant, Salsa Brava. Yum….This gives our bellies peace 🙂
As I am writing, Scott and Paige are sleeping very soundly, the sign of a good hike.

Have a great weekend.


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