Scott sightings

It is official, he has been sighted.

Scott has been spending quality time at work, lots of quality time. Some people would call him a workaholic, I think it really is a sickness. So, in desperate need of daddy time, we decided to spend a fun evening with the kids, away from the house and all its obligations. They voted for ITZ (imagine Chuckie Cheese on steroids) but we used our veto power and decided on the arcade in Manitou Springs. We started out a Sarvelli’s with a yummy pizza (not cheese!) and then we made our way downtown Manitou. We walked around window shopping, sipping water from the springs (not so tasty) and enjoying the warm weather. Once at the arcade, the kids manage to go on every kiddie ride and play a few games for a mere 7$. We left the arcade and got ice-cream at Patsy’s. Yum!

While we were at the arcade, we ran into some friends that we haven’t seen in a year. Their kids are the same ages as ours and we cannot ever manage to work out a time when we all have a free night to meet up. After promising to do better at getting together (our annual parting mantra) , we headed for home. Sam: Thanks for such a fun night, dad!

Great end to a great evening.
We hope that you enjoyed your Thursday night as much as we did!

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