Yesterday I started out my day with a long walk with my friend Victoria. We met at the church and walked for about an hour. It was really nice to chat and get some exercise as well. I then headed to Target to look for black t-shirts for our family pictures, which were later in the day. Of course, I did find black t-shirts for all AND lots of other stuff I needed. Why does this always happen? I think that there is some subliminal music in Target that makes you put crazy stuff in your cart that you think you might need at some point some time in your life. Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, we were having our family picture taken for our church directory and since we only have one taken every 3 years (taking a self portrait with the digital camera does not count), we needed this one to turn out! 3 kids, it is a long shot…. So after picking up the kids at school, running to track practice, getting home, eating a snack, throwing the kids in the shower, doing homework, getting everyone dressed and redressed (I do have a 3 year old), we headed down to church for “the picture”. While waiting for our turn, the kids managed to become undone, shirts untucked, hair bows hanging, shoes off…I am sure you can imagine. Wow, now I know why we only do this once every 3 years. After what seemed like days of waiting (really only 15 minutes) we redid the kids back into their cute charming selves, brushed ourselves off and finally said “CHEESE!”. Every picture had %80 of our family smiling. Pretty good odds. We picked the best one and headed home. Thank goodness that is over…until 2011. Maybe then the odds will get better. Oh wait, we will have another child. Scratch that….let’s just prop up the camera on the mantel and get it over with.
BTW, in case you were wondering I didn’t actually throw my children into the shower. Gentle nudges 🙂

Paige and Alice sitting and waiting to get pictures taken….

Here’s to a quiet day for all. Enjoy your Friday!

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