My little Darth Vader, cow and bumble bee. I was so lucky this year. I didn’t have to make a costume. I would have been sad if I had not just made poodle skirts two weeks before.

We had a busy fun weekend. The only thing that we had planned for our weekend was cleaning up the landscaping and getting it ready for winter. Well…..we decided to take the kids to the zoo, have dinner with friends and pretty much play for most of the weekend. On Friday night, we took Sam, Alice and Paige to Boo at the Zoo. They were so excited to dress up in their costumes and get an early start on their candy stash. The weather was awesome and the crowds were manageable 🙂 Here are some cute pictures, before, during and after the zoo.

Sam hangin’ out with some Star Wars guys. (Sorry, Vic, I can’t remember what you called them.)

Don’t bother us, we’re eating…

We are so blessed to have wonderful friends living so close to us. Our dear friends, The Young’s, have moved back down from Monument this summer and we are so thrilled. Anyway, we had dinner at their house on Saturday night. Kent’s mom is in town this week and we really love visiting with her when she is here. The kids were all surprised with a birthday cake and presents to celebrate everybody’s birthdays throughout the year. Thanks Sue, and thanks Kent and Vic. We always have a good time at your house! Boccie ball rocks 🙂 Especially when the girls win!!!

Here is Scott’s yearly hunting update….no need for a new freezer. Better luck next time. At least he got a boys’ weekend out of it….if you didn’t hear the hunting license story, ask Scott. It is worth hearing, but I don’t think he would appreciate me posting it for all to see.

Have a great week.


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