Birthday Boy!

I think that I start most of my posts with a little line about how busy we are. I am finally realizing that this is how life will be with 3 (soon to be 4, someday) and that I just needed to adjust my thinking to include less sleep and more events.
On Friday night, we took Sam and the girls out to dinner at our all time favorite pizza place, Il Vicino, downtown Colorado Springs. While we were downtown, we surprised Sam by swinging by the Skate shop and letting him pick out a skateboard for his birthday. He could not believe it! Beaming would not be a strong enough word for the look on him face as he left with camo skateboard in hand. When I tucked him into bed, he said “This was the best day of my life!”.
Well, I have been emotional all week just thinking about the fact that he is turning 7. Wow! I am definitely not old enough to have a 7 year old….
On Saturday, we spent part of the morning at Garden of the Gods and then headed down to Manitou Springs for the coffin races. Yes, I said coffin races. Every year, around Halloween, teams ready their “coffins” to race through town. They are dressed in fun costumes and have coffins decorated to match. Someone has to sit in the “coffin” and be pushed very fast down Manitou Ave. We had never been and it was very amusing! Later in the afternoon, the kids donned their costumes and we headed out to a Halloween party. Ellie and Brendan went along with us so that Kent and Victoria could have a night out. We had a great time eating chili, making caramel apples and decorating pumpkins. All 5 kids fell into bed without a peep.
Sunday, we took all the kids to church. After church, we spent the rest of the afternoon decorating and getting ready for Sam’s birthday party. At 3 o’clock the house was full with 13 very excited kids. Sam had an Under the Sea party. Scott started out by reading a shark book to them and then we went down “under the sea”to the basement where I had decorated to make it look like you were really below the water. They crafted and played games, had a snack, whacked the shark pinata and feasted on blue cake and ice cream. We sent them all home full of sugar and a bag full of candy (note Sam’s blue Gatorade mustache)! The last big birthday down for this year.
Paige and I are laying low today. I think she might have croup. After we put her to bed last night, she woke up coughing and having a hard time breathing. I put her in the shower and it seemed to break it up a bit. Scott put the vaporizer in her room and she succeeded in sleeping through the night.
Sometimes I think this is God’s way of telling me to slooooowwww down. Take a day off. Cuddle my baby. Wear my pj’s all day….okay, maybe not THAT but it does sound good. 🙂

No peeking!!!


Alice, never look down the barrel of a gun, even a Nerf gun!

Have a great day! If you happen to come by, don’t be surprised to see us in our jammies!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Boy!

  1. We missed you Sunday night, but completely understand the need to SLOW down. Hope Paige is feeling better soon. Griffin had a great time at the party!

  2. How fun! What a cute party idea, I may steal that from you some day…Colton is barking like a seal, I think he might be crouping as well. Back to school=sickness at home. The coffin races reminded me of bed races in college for greek week. Remember Angela K being on our bed racing down the street. Wasn’t she dressed like an alien or something? FUNNY.

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