Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, Sam and Alice had their Fall parties at school and now they are off for two days. District 11 scheduled conferences for the 30 and 31st, I think mainly to avoid school on Halloween. I have to admit that it is really nice not worrying about parties and costumes and making treats for school on Halloween. This way we can relax all day and then go out with lots of energy on the candy hunt. Paige had her Fall Party yesterday morning at preschool. All the little ones looked so cute!

Alice was really sweet to Paige and held her hand around the classroom as all the kids trick or treated….

Some of the children in Alice’s class pose for a pic. Note the kid in front squeezing his sister’s face:)

Sam decorating a mask during his Fall Party.

Last night, we carved our pumpkins into scary Jack O’ Lanterns. Sam did a great job on his and only needed a little bit of help from Dad. Don’t worry, a 7 year old with a knife does sound alarming, but Scott was very close. Alice and Paige designed their pumpkins with sharpies and then Scott and I did the cutting to reveal their creations! Afterwards, we played a mean game of Go, Diego! Go! rummy and snacked on the pumpkin seeds.

Alice and Scott making silly faces. Oooo….scary!

Back to conferences…Alice (Kind) is doing great and is really doing well with her math skills and is reading up a storm. Sam (1st grade) is also doing great. He loves to write and is working on a pirate chapter book right now. He eats up anything that his teacher gives him and is always ready for more. I am more than proud of them….if you can’t tell 🙂

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

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