We finally arrived home this afternoon after our cross country adventure to Michigan. I have to admit that it wasn’t nearly as bad as we had envisioned. The kids did great in the car and kept themselves occupied for pretty much the entire ride. Of course, we crammed their backpacks full of crafts, books, toys and anything else that would keep their attention for a few minutes. We also took the DVD player in the car that that proved to be a life saver when fights were looming or when we all needed some down time. Our week in Michigan was really nice and we really enjoyed seeing so much family. The kids had so much fun hanging out with their MI cousins. Unfortunately, we only get to be with them once or twice a year so we really take advantage of the time when we have it. Sam and Alice even got to have a sleepover with the cousins on Sunday night. BTW, thanks for the Camp Rock CD Aunt Tracy. I can’t count how many times we have listened to that since we have been home 🙂 Here are some cute pictures from the week. We took all the kids bowling downtown Flushing at Jack’s Place. Scott and I used to bowl there when we were their age! It looked exactly the same.

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