It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Those were the first words that I mumbled this morning as I watched the dog run around catching snowflakes on her nose this morning. I am already mourning the beautiful weather that blessed us last week. Back to hats and mittens, heavy coats and boots. The snow is so pretty but man is it cold outside today. 16 degrees….with a high of 24 degrees. I am glad that it wasn’t my day for carpool (if you are reading Lana, sorry!).
Well, for those of you who are only here for adoption updates… travel approval yet. We are so ready to go!!! Bring it on! Once we receive our travel approval from China we can set up our Consulate Appointment and then ……………….we can buy plane tickets! Wow, hard to believe that we are even thinking about that!
On to the past weekend….
We had a busy weekend as usual. On Friday night, Scott and I dropped the kids off at my brother’s house for the night and headed to Denver. No, it wasn’t a romantic night out for us, which would be nice since we may not get one of those for some time, but a 4 hour parenting class that is required for travel. Saturday we spent the day celebrating birthdays. First, my nephew Zachary’s 10 Th birthday at Mr. Bigg’s. The kids had tons of fun and actually kept it together pretty well considering they had a sleepover the night before. Then we went to sushi for Stacie’s birthday! We were all getting a bit droopy but succeeded in filling our bellies.
Sunday, we played hookie from church and steam cleaned all the carpets. With a crawling toddler on the way, we figured now might be a great time to get that long put off chore finished. All the kids pitched in and helped get everything off the floors of their rooms. I wish that I would have taken a picture of their beds after The Great Bedroom Floor Clean Up! Piled high!
Today I am on the hunt for red envelopes. Any thoughts?

Have a great day. I am hoping to get lots done today and not stalk the computer for TA rumors. Good luck, huh?!?!?


3 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

  1. I buys envelopes bulk at Staples (and card stock – cut in half makes great cards) and use them for a LOOONG time. Then again, you might not want 250 of them! đŸ™‚

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