Those were the days….

Today I am thinking about my housecrew girls! I love you all and miss you tons. Wish that I could be there with you tonight. We had some great times.

I couldn’t help but post this picture of me (well, it is my blog after all!). This is one of my favorite memories of living in the house. You may not remember it, but I do. Thanks for the fun and friendships! (p.s. Johnson, that was one sweet silver dress). I had some other fun pictures but decided against posting. You can thank me later…..


2 thoughts on “Those were the days….

  1. That was awesome Jen! Those were some fun times. Boy, we all made some pretty bad fashion choices back then huh? Yowsa! I wouldn’t trade a minute of those days for the world. Some day you and I going to have to make it back for one of these Christmas parties. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, you’re the best!! (oh, and THANK YOU for not posting those “other” photos…..) Love you!!

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