Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope that you are all having a nice day! We are having a busy one that is for sure! Scott and I started off with early morning runs. Unfortunately not together…he went at 7 and I followed at 8. I wish that I would have taken my camera with me because it was such a gorgeous morning. It started snowing just as we were headed to bed last night. When we woke, everything was covered in snow and there was a low fog. The trees were so beautiful.

I started packing our bags today so that meant finishing last minute laundry. I also made sure that our guest bedroom/Mason’s room is ready for Scott’s parents when they arrive.
This afternoon, Scott and Sam went our for some boy time and the girls went to a Valentine’s party at the neighbor’s house. It was really sweet and the girls had a blast, as always.

Tomorrow we will still be working to tie up any last minute jobs before we leave. Scott is officially off for a month on Tuesday and then we leave on Wednesday.

Valentine’s Day this year is full of love for our family as it grows from 5 to 6.

Much love,


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