Officially a Wescott

Today we adopted Mason~officially! It was an emotional moment, add it to the rest 🙂 Happy emotional, but emotional, nonetheless. I know, I know, me? Emotional?

I wanted to post really quickly while the little man is sleeping. He hasn’t been feeling good, running a low fever and very congested, since his gotcha. He has slept most of the day on and off and seems to be rounding the corner on this bug he has. We are still trying to coax a smile out of him. I got a bit of a laugh yesterday when we were alone playing while Scott ran out to finish up some paperwork. He definitely wants me to hold him most of the time. He kind of clings to me mostly. He will go to Scott but not without a bit of a fuss. I am sure that will change in time.
Even though we have really only seen his serious side, I am sure that little by little he will emerge. Check out the pictures….even his sad face is precious and kissable.
Scott gave him a bath this morning and we put fresh clothes on him. He definitely does not like to be naked. He really enjoyed his bath (hard to tell from pics) and was very helpful once I started putting clothes on him. He put his feet up for me to put pants on and shoved his arms into the shirt as quickly as possible.

These were the clothes that Mason was wearing on Gotcha Day. Bundled. Our guide tells us that children should have on 3 thick layers in the winter. The green outfit is quilted and very thick.

This afternoon we are staying in but we may take a taxi to a shopping center tomorrow for a change of scenery. Probably depends on how Mason is feeling.
Sam, Alice and Paigie~Mommy and Daddy miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and can’t wait to give you big loves. I love seeing your precious faces on Skype. We will call soon.

3 thoughts on “Officially a Wescott

  1. All I can say is wow. I am so happy for you guys. What an awesome (but long) journey and now it is really real, he is yours! What a cutie he is! You and Scott are totally beaming, you can literally feel your happiness through your pictures. Safe travels home, I bet you have three very eager siblings ready to love their new little bro to pieces!Congratulations!!!!!

  2. Congrats guys! This is just amazing. I am very happy for you. I am sure you just can’t wait to get back and just get into a routine with the expanded family! He is so cute and so lucky to have you guys.

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