Our Last Day in Guangzhou

Today is our last day here. We are really excited to see the kids and introduce them to Mason. It is a bit emotional (there I go again) thinking about Mason leaving his homeland and the only place he has ever known but we do know that he is coming home to a house full of love. Here’s to a peaceful transition for him. He has had so many already! We arrive home on Friday afternoon in Colorado Springs. I can’t wait to sleep in my bed! The White Swan beds give “firm” a new meaning. Please keep us in your prayers while we are traveling. We have found that Mason enjoys his meals and naps on time, which doesn’t always work well on an airplane.

Sorry, no pictures today, my camera battery is dead.

See you all very soon!

Off to finish some last minute shopping. I love this kind of shopping here. I go in and pick out all the stuff I want. Scott goes in and barters (spelling) down the price and pays. Good thing this is my last day here or we might have to buy another suitcase!

Jennifer, Scott and Mason

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