Skinny Jeans

Yesterday, while I was getting dressed and pulling on my too tight jeans (a whole different blog post) Alice has this discussion with me.

Alice (in her best valley girl voice): Mom, are those, like, skinny jeans?
Me: Um, no. These are my plain old mom jeans that I have been wearing since (insert year here).
Alice: Oh, for a minute there I thought you had skinny jeans.
Me: Nope.
Alice (after long pause): Can I get some skinny jeans?
Me: Aren’t you five?
Mason had his first haircut today. Okay, this obviously wasn’t his first haircut but the first one with us. Scott had to hold him and they both came home covered in hair. He looks pretty adorable. His hair was really just a grown out buzz and had no shape at all. While we were in China, one of the shop owners told us that Mason looked like a Beatle 🙂 Anyway, it is hard to tell from the pictures but he is definitely cleaned up.
This past weekend was pretty relaxing and we had a nice time hangin’ with the kids and getting some stuff done around the house. Saturday morning we went to the Easter Egg Hunt at our church. The weather was horrid so the egg hunt was inside. Sam, Alice and Paige had no trouble finding plenty of loot. Mason wasn’t quite sure what was happening but once he figured out the game he was all for plucking eggs off anything within his reach. He was even more excited when he discovered what was inside those brightly colored eggs. Candy! I actually caught him eating a chocolate egg with the wrapper on.

I think that I may have to live with the fact that the more kids you add the less the chances of getting them to all look in the same direction, without buckets on their heads.

Many blessing to you all on this Palm Sunday. Tomorrow we are off to Greeley for the next set of casts. These weeks seem to be flying by. Here’s to good weather and no traffic!


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