Carnivals, Tutus, Running, Parties and Tons of Photos

Busy weekend at the Wescott house.
Friday night- Carnival at the kids school. Games, root beer floats, prizes, friends….it was a good time.
Saturday- My friend Kim and I ran a 5 miler at Garden of the Gods. Last year it looked like this. This year it was….well….add misting rain, fog and 30 degree temps and it was pretty much the same 🙂After the race, I met Scott at ballet pictures and helped talked Paige through the pictures. Here are a few pics Scott took before the formal ones. Also one of Alice~she had pictures later in the day. These are their recital costumes.

Saturday afternoon, Kent and Victoria threw us a wonderful shower/open house to welcome Mason home. We had about 70 people at the house and it was a full house! Unfortunately, the weather was crummy so EVERYBODY was in the house, EVERYBODY. It was awesome to see all our friends and family. A big thanks to our travel companions, Jay, Conner and Kyra for driving down from Westminster for the day. It was wonderful to see them! Also, a gigantic thank you to Kent and Victoria for throwing such a wonderful party in honor of Mason. We loved it! I don’t have any pictures because I was so busy catching up with everyone.

Today, the kids sang in church. Sam and Alice did such a great job (as did the other children) :). I was so proud of them (all of them). Paige wasn’t quite ready to stand up in front of everyone and that was okay. We know that she will do it in her own time.

In the afternoon, the children’s choir celebrated the end of the season by going to mini golf. We had a ton of fun and laughed a lot. The kids were so adorable trying to hit the ball. Scott and I decided that Alice was Happy Gilmore. If you were standing anywhere near her swing, you might get whacked. Paige hit the ball like a hammer and quite possible beat her brother and sister with her very unorthodox technique. Sam just hit the ball as many times as he needed to in order to keep up with his friends.

Man, can this guy multitask, or what? This is why I love him so much. He is such a good dad!

The first Wescott family photo.

Kids are in bed, 3 out of 4 sleeping. Relaxing with my feet up, popcorn and a soda. Mason and I are not scheduled to go to Greeley tomorrow but his left cast has cracked so we will wait and see what they tell us in the morning.

Love, Jennifer

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