Life at the Wescott Home

Maybe I should make this a weekly blog…

What? What did you say? It is a weekly blog? Sorry grandparents in MI. I know you like your CO grandkid fix more than once a week. I will work on doing better!
Mother’s Day…

Hiking at Helen Hunt Falls

I had a fabulous Mother’s Day. We went to church, for a hike, out to dinner at Il Vicino. The kids were on their best behavior. I could not have asked for a nicer day. I can’t imagine my life any differently. These kids make me a mother.
*****I snapped these pictures of the kids while they were hanging out in my tub. They wanted to try out their swim suits and it was WAY to cold to go outside in the kiddie pool. Of course, Mason only gets submerged in the bath when his casts have to be soaked off so he didn’t get to play in the bath this time. He sat near the edge and still got mightly wet.

The Monday after Mother’s Day, Samuel’s class held a Mother’s Celebration. Each of the children stood up and recited a poem. The had fruit and cookies to eat. Very special. At the end, Sam’s teacher read off some cute things each of the children had said about their mom.

I love my mom because she is so sweet.
I think my mom makes special dinners.
I love my mom because she reads books to me.

Listen to this one. It is so sweet.
My mom is nocturnal. She stays up all night and is sleepy all day.
Hmm, I wonder who wrote that one?

At least he didn’t come up with this sweet message.
I love my mom because she yells at my dad and he obeys her.
Oh, kids say the cutest things.


Alice and Paige have their ballet recital tonight. Their dress rehearsal was last night. I took some video of Alice but the battery ran out and so I only got stills of Paige. She had the audience cracking up. She chose not to dance but to sit on the floor with her head on her hand while the other girls sort of danced around her. It was totally adorable. Little daisies running on and off the stage, waving to their mommies and daddies, playing with their tutus….and right in the middle of all that cuteness sat Paige. It will be interesting to see how she “performs” tonight.

Alice did a great job and I know she will tonight as well. She is definitely our steady child. Bless her heart, she is usually calm in the storm (except when she is the storm). I think that she is especially excited about the stage makeup! She was hoping for eye shadow but unfortunately her mom doesn’t own any. Oh well, she will have to be happy with blush and some lipstick. I think I have some around here somewhere?!??!?

Here are some pics of Paige. I am hoping to post some video of Alice tomorrow, gotta figure out how to do that first πŸ™‚

One of Mason’s favorite spots spots in the house is right next to Sam. Can you guess where?

Yep, playing on the computer. This is the one place where Mason will sit still for more than a nano second. He loves watching Sam play his games.


A very big thank you to Scott’s coworkers. They threw us a lunch party in honor of Mason. It was really kind of them. We are so blessed that Scott can go to work with such awesome people.

Have a great week. This is the last week of school and we are running around like crazy! I am definitely looking forward to life calming down a bit and having the kids home more.

Sam will soon start swim practices and meets every morning all summer long, so we won’t be sitting around for too long πŸ™‚


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