School’s Out, School’s Out, Teacher Let the Fools Adorable Children Out

Is it bad when I have to go back and look at the downloaded pictures to see what we have been up to? Things are slowly calming down. The kids finished school on Friday, Mason got his last set of casts on Tuesday and Sam started swim team practice every morning rain or shine.

Alice graduated from Kindergarten. Her teacher had a really sweet ceremony with hats and diplomas. She is definitely ready for 1st grade. Sam had an ice cream party to celebrate the last day of school and he is now officially a 2nd grader. We are very proud of both of them, they worked very hard this year.

Scott and I both got a chance to be at school for the kids parties. As we passed each other in the hall of the school, going between classrooms, we nervously commented about the day when we will have 4 kids at one school. Wow, that will be crazy!

Here are some cute pics that I snapped of the kids in the past week.

Mason giving Jesse kisses. He LOVES her. She is not quite sure what to think of him yet.

Sam finally got a haircut. He wanted to keep it long in the back but we are pretty sure that hairstyle went out in the late 80’s. Really sure that it never should have been in. He looks very handsome and will be much cooler in the hot sun. Big bonus to shorter hair~less pulling when the swim cap comes on and off.
Sam swimming laps during swim practice. He is doing awesome and is a trooper in the cold water early in the morning.

Yesterday we went to the Denver Zoo with our friends. The weather could not have been nicer and the animals were out and about. We always appreciate that! Today we spent most of the day at the pool. Alice and Paige were in the small pool for pretty much the entire time, only coming out to eat or potty. Sam spent much of his time in the big pool playing with friends or in the grass playing with water guns. Mason and I hung out under the umbrella and strolling around the pool attempting to avoid the splash from said pools and guns. He did pretty good considering he is stuck on deck with hot heavy casts. Luckily the end of casting is in sight and he will be able to play in the small pool with the girls very soon. June 10th cannot come quick enough!

Pictures from the zoo. What with 4 kids, a stroller, diaper bag, lunch sack, hats, sunscreen, etc. I didn’t get a ton of pictures.

Hopefully I will get back here soon. Blogging would be so much quicker if I just sat down every night and gave a short update. The truth is most nights I want to sit on the couch and watch the back of my eyelids. That happens more often than sitting on the couch blogging.
Have an awesome weekend. We hope to make it back to the pool at some point and get in good runs.
Love to all,

One thought on “School’s Out, School’s Out, Teacher Let the Fools Adorable Children Out

  1. When you get the hot sun lets us know, we have had nothing close to hot sun in Michigan. We are thinking about going back to Texas..
    Your kids are adorable.


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