Garage Sale Time

Yesterday, while cleaning everything but the beds and clothes out of my girls room (more on that later), I decided that we should have a garage sale. I have been hoarding girls clothes since we started the adoption with the thought that we would probably be matched with a uhm…girl. Obviously, Mason isn’t a girl and I can’t get away with dressing him in girls clothing much longer (Just kidding, funny joke!), well…jammies don’t count right? Now that I have gone completely off topic…

Anyhoo, I am having a garage sale. Say goodbye to the patent leather shoes in every size imaginable, tiny pink frilly dresses, sweet gingham, etc. etc.
No, I am not selling all the dolls, Polly pockets, ponies, stuffed animals (although I could easily change my mind) and misc. toys that I picked up off the floor of their room yesterday. We organized, sorted, tossed and then relocated all those things to the basement where I won’t step on them at every turn. Out of sight…you get the idea. I know my mom and dad are reading this and either 1)rolling around on the floor laughing and the irony of it all or 2) convulsing at the scary memories of picking up said toys from my bedroom floor.
Thanks to my sweet husband who is handling the financial side of the sale (okay, 27 items at 25 cents apiece….that would be….).
Happy shopping!

One thought on “Garage Sale Time

  1. you are funny – I love reading your blog! 🙂 Hey, I suppose you wouldn't be selling any boy stuff… I'm on the lookout for used boys clothes size 6! Good luck on the garage sale!!

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