Running, running and more running

Update: Here is the video clip of Scott’s big finish. Thanks Victoria!

This weekend Scott completed the Leadville 100. If you are not familiar with the race, it is a 100 mile race on the mountains trails around Leadville, CO. He started at 4 am on Saturday morning and finished in a little over 29 hours. We are so proud of him. I paced him the last 13.5 miles and it was an amazing experience. A special thanks to John the crewman for driving the car and keeping Scott hydrated and fed at all the aid stations. Another thank you to Kent for pacing Scott through some of the most difficult terrain and to Victoria for helping out with the kids and taking all those amazing pictures. She provided all the awesome shots that I have posted.

He finished! Can you believe it? He now has a 100 miler under his belt. Now he gets to wear that cool belt buckle! Race finishers under 30 hours earn a shiny new silver belt buckle!
Sam giving daddy fives as we approach the finish line. It was so fun for me to come into the finish with Scott. Very emotional too. We definitely were not blubbering like babies. Nope, not us.

Scott enjoying a PBR after the race. Man, he earned it.

The crew. Kent (left), John (right) and I all paced Scott during the last 50 miles. John also crewed the whole race and kept Scott supplied with water, food, clothes and moral support.
Yes, I am drinking champagne. I get to celebrate too because I am no longer a running widow. Well, not for a while at least 🙂

A family pic.
Great job Scott! We are so proud of you!

I am sure Scott will be giving an update over on his blog very soon. Probably once he can walk to his computer. He was very lucky to hobble away from the finish with only huge blisters and a sore swollen ankle. Many others were not so lucky.

Have a great Monday. We start football (Sam) and soccer (Alice) tonight so life goes back to normal.
Love to you all,

4 thoughts on “Running, running and more running

  1. Way to go Scott, I can't imagine a 100 mile race.. Speechless!! Your back to 'normal' life also impresses me.

    I posted a new blog today also.

  2. You made it, Scott, and we are sooo proud of you. It was an amazing achievement. What fun to be able to see you cross the finish line on your family blog. Love, Mom and Dad

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