Have Camelbak, Will Travel

Ahh, Saturday. I love you.

This could not have been a nicer day. We started out our day in Manitou Springs. We strolled up and down the streets, took some time to play at the park, had lunch with some of our most favorite people, hula hooped on the sidewalk and really enjoyed each others company. In the afternoon we went for a hike at Ute Valley Park. Sam, Alice and Paige wore their Camelbaks and carried their own snacks. I am so not missing the days of schlepping water bottles for miles and miles. Now they can schlep their own water and snacks. Very handy, those Camelbaks. If you are looking for a gift for the outdoorsy type, a hydration pack is a great way to go. Tonight we picked up my mom and dad at the airport and then had yummy Vietnamese food for dinner.

Anyway…..it was a great big beautiful day. Life is good.

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