10 Months Home.

This past month has been a biggie for Mason. He moved into a big boy bed. After much deliberation we decided to move Mason into Sam’s room. He is now sleeping on the bottom bunk and……he is sleeping through the night! Okay, I am not counting my chickens yet but so far so good.

His other good news is that he is potty trained. We started the Monday after Christmas. I decided that it was now or never (never meaning summer break). With all the driving that I do everyday, I wasn’t sure how we would make it work once the older kids went back to school. So we bit the bullet and went for it. Man was he ready! He loved the tic tac treats that he received when he went on the potty and he LOVES flushing the potty.

It’s the little things I tell ya.

Mason now enjoys telling knock knock jokes. Let me restate that…..Mason enjoys telling one knock knock joke all the time, all day long.

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Car who?

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