Today we spent most of the day sledding in Divide at the John Wesley Ranch. Every summer we spend our church retreat at the ranch. This year, our church decided to add a sledding day. It was a ball! Getting there was a bit hairy as we got a few inches of snow over night. It was really foggy on the drive through Woodland Park but cleared as we entered Divide. Sunny and bright. A perfect sledding day. After many spills and 6 sore bums, we are home and all the babies are sleeping soundly. Thanks to Kent and Vic for a fun night hanging out and watching the Olympics. Yes, we are really hooked on the Olympics.
Momma and Paige getting ready for the first ride of the day.

Sam and his big buddy John heading down the hill.

Daddy and Alice making snow spray!

Paigey looking oh so cute!

Mason really enjoyed eating the snow, all day long.

Sam taking a rest at the bottom of the hill.

I hope you all have a great weekend. We are heading to Breckenridge tomorrow for a day in the mountains. Looking forward to that awesome mountain air and some more beautiful scenery!

Love, Jennifer

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