Hangin’ out in Cali

Dolphins playing in the ocean just off the beach. Sea World, beat this!

Crystal Cove State Park, just 1/2 mile from our room.

We have arrived. In California that is. And it is warm and green and humid. When we left on Friday evening it was snowing like crazy and feet of snow were predicted. We were so lucky that our flight was still taking off. After sitting on the runway for an hour (with four kids) waiting for de-icing, we took off and made great time to California.

Yesterday, we got up and found some breakfast via the Starbuck’s pastry cooler. We walked across from there to the grocery store and stocked up for the week on breakfast, lunch and snack items. The weather was so beautiful that we took the kiddos directly the pool and stayed there until noon. We got a quick lunch in the room and then headed out to explore the beach. After our fun day in the sun, we had a nice evening catching up with a high school friend. Dave and his beautiful girlfriend, Kathleen, came down and had pizza with us. Dave was in our wedding and we had only seen him one other time since then. We had fun catching up and laughing about times past.

Today, we are meeting my sorority sister and college roommate for a beach day at Corona del Mar. I am so looking forward to a relaxing day, catching up and watching the kids play.

Enjoy the pictures from yesterday. We had a great day.

We even stopped to let a snail pass on the sidewalk.

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