Good Start

So far, so good on this summer vacation. I know, we are only two days into the break but really so far, so good.

Yesterday, the kids and I started a mural on the basement wall. We threw out some theme options but quickly decided upon an under the sea mural. We started out by taping off the mural area and then rolling on the blue water. After the water was dry, er paint, that is, we drew a huge shark and painted him grey.

Today we took Paige to gymnastics in the morning and then headed to Pueblo for a visit to the Buell Children’s Museum. This is a small, fun, hands on, very crafty place for the younger set. The kids had a blast. Right now Alice is writing in her journal about all the fun she had at the museum.
When we got home, we noticed that the Thunderbirds were practicing formations right over the house (kinda hard not to notice unless you are wearing earplugs and shooting muffs). So….we plopped right down on the driveway with Popsicles (I plopped, kids ate) and enjoyed the view. After we were sure the planes had taken a break we headed inside to do some more work on the mural. Sam, Alice and Paige each drew a couple fish and then filled them in with their choice of paint. I added the clown fish, bubbles and eyes.

Tomorrow is Movie Wednesday and we are also hoping to add seaweed, coral and an anemone to our mural. I took these pics today after we added our fish to the shark infested waters.

I hope you all have a great day. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

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