Cuteness Oh My!

Mason got a well needed hair cut this morning and he is looking oh-so cute!!!! Bless his heart, he is always up for an impromptu photo shoot. He LOVES the camera and always asks to see his picture after I have taken it. His response is usually, Awwww! It also helped that he got to play with the sprayer on the hose.

We are having a really nice weekend. Friday we spent all afternoon and evening at the pool. Kent and Victoria made an awesome dinner on the grill to celebrate Scott’s birthday. By awesome I mean cedar plank salmon, roasted potatoes, salad and strawberry shortcake. We ate well. The kids played in the pool non-stop and only got out to eat πŸ™‚ We are loving our fun start to the summer. Today, Scott worked a bit and then we walked to the park. It was nice to spend the day with the kids and just be without having to rush anywhere else. Scott and I both got in runs this afternoon as well. Looking forward to another warm day tomorrow. We are contemplating taking the kids fishing. That should make for some interesting moments, for sure.

I am really enjoying the relaxed nature of summer vacation. The kids and I are having a blast. Our radishes started coming up this weekend and everyone is excited about keeping our garden box watered and watching the veggies start to come up. On Monday we are going to make a garden stone for our yard and Tuesday we are taking a field trip to the xeroscape gardens near our home. Hopefully we will squeeze in a couple hikes as well.
The kids signed up for the summer reading program at our local library and are really motivated to get in all their reading minutes. Reading is not something that we have to prioritize. My kids love to read. If you can’t find Samuel, he is either building with Lego’s or reading. Alice also loves reading and is really interested in Magic Tree House books right now. Paige is right on the cusp of starting to read and is doing really well with her sight words. We have started working on the Kindergarten list and she is super excited to master those. Now she just has to master NOT sucking her thumb. I am always up for a good challenge πŸ™‚
Scott is doing well. He works more than he would like to. He is looking forward to getting his bike out of the shop and hitting the trails. He is running more and still contemplating running the Denver Marathon with me in October. I told him he had better start training to run slow. He can run circles around me…
Have a great night.

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