What we have been up to….

Alternately titled {the longest blog post ever}
Monday, otherwise known as Art Monday around here, was busy with swimming, gymnastics and errands. For our art project, we made a garden stone for the yard. We are still trying to finish up our under the sea mural. More pics coming soon.

Tuesday (Field Trip Tuesday) was busy with swimming, tennis, gymnastics and then back to the pool for a swim team potluck. After lunch we managed to squeeze in a field trip to the Colorado Springs Xeriscape and Demonstration Gardens. Very beautiful and interesting.

Who knew pine cones could be so much fun? We used them to make towers, work on grouping and addition and subtraction.

This cement water pipe kept the kids busy for a long time. It spurred a ton of more good math conversation.

Today (Movie Wednesday) was busy with the older kids first swim meet. Alice was VERY nervous for her first race but did really well and won her races. Way to go! Sam also did really well and took 6 seconds off his 25 free. They were troopers this cold morning. The air temp was only 63 degrees with no sunshine.

Sam getting ready for the 25 backstroke.

Alice and Abby waiting for their heat to line up.

The 8 and under group waiting to swim. Alice and Sam are right in the middle. Not sure what they were talking about?!?!?

Mason and Paige had their annual well-checks today. They both did great until they had to get their shots. 4 for Paige and 2 for Mason. I tried the “as soon as you get these shots, you are officially a kindergartner” routine, but Paige wasn’t buying it. Mason wasn’t completely sure what was going on for the first shot but definitely didn’t want the second. This fun visit to the doctor’s office did not earn me my good mommy badge, that is a sure thing. The chocolate shakes gained me some love back, a little bit anyway. Now they are watching a movie and I am enjoying my snack and the quiet.

Okay, so I guess this wasn’t the LONGEST post ever but it seems like it should be, what with all the stuff we have packed into the last three days. Who said summer vacation was suppose to be relaxing?!?!?!?
Tomorrow is Cinderella Thursday. That means that we clean. And after the week that we have had, this house needs it!

2 thoughts on “What we have been up to….

  1. I am tired just reading the blog!!! I better get into shape before you guys get here!!! Sure looking forward to it. Can't wait. Nice art work Sam, Alice, Paige, and Mason.

    Love PAPA G

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