Picture Worthy

The kids and I have been hanging out all week in Breckenridge with my parents, my SIL and niece and nephews. We have stayed busy hiking, playing, swimming, etc. It is so gorgeous here and I have taken a ton of pics. Enjoy the numerous pics from the beginning of our week. We are looking forward to the end of the week when Scott returns. I hope you all had an awesome 4th of July. We had a blast participating in the Breckenridge parade!

The girls sitting in the trailer waiting to decorate.
The boys enjoying a game of Frisbee golf through the trees.

Family pic before the parade.

Sam and Zach pre-parade

All the kids ready for the parade to start…..

Still waiting….

Lookin’ cute in her parade get-up.

Aunt Stacie and Ethan riding down Main Street….

Posing for some fun 4th of July photos.

and another.

Mason gets in the spirit of the 4th.

anther group shot
Paige and Ethan being silly.

Sam and Zach, buddies.

Lake Dillon from Inspiration Point.


Grandpa, Sam and Zach riding in the gondola.

Hiking on the ski hill.

A tickle war. Sorry, not enough time for explanation 🙂

The girls picking dandelions.

Paige on the trampoline. I think she went the highest of all the kids.

Panning for gems. They all came home with a bagful.

Alice trying out the trampoline.
Off to cook dinner. The kids are looking forward to another evening of swimming in the pool.

One thought on “Picture Worthy

  1. Hope your week is a blast. Looks like it is from the pics. Wish we were with you. Looking forward to the chaos at the end of July!!

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