Whizzing and Mining

No this post isn’t about my children’s bathroom habits or their fingers conveniently placed up their noses. Nope. We are talking about how this week is whizzing past and taking a very interesting trip to the Mining Museum.
Monday we decorated shoe boxes that we had stacking up to the ceiling laying around. The kids love to keep stuff. Read: my kids are hoarders. Seriously. Hoarders. Someone in this house might even have a price-tag collection. I will never say who. Never. Anyway, they had fun and stayed busy for a long time decorating their very own box. Who doesn’t love a box?

Today after swimming and tennis the kids and I headed out for our weekly field trip. This time we landed at the Mining Museum. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It wasn’t nearly as boring as it sounds. Plus we had coupons. Come on, there is no way I would pass up two free child admissions 🙂 We ended up spending 2 hours at the museum and had an awesome time.

Off to bed. Good night. Happy mining. Hopefully the second half of the week slows waaaaay down. Summer really is whizzing by.

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